What is your pick-up and delivery schedule?

We will schedule that when you set up an account and schedule your first pick-up. We will set-up a weekly pick schedule i.e. Monday morning, Tuesday morning, etc.

How long before my items are returned?

All orders with general laundry and dryclean, will be delivered within 48-hours. If you order for pick up Monday, your items will be delivered on Wednesday.

Do you have any Express Service?

Yes we do next day 50% extra charge, within 12 hours 100% extra charge and within 6 hours 200%

What type of locations do you offer pick up and delivery service?

We will pick up and deliver from private residences, college dorms, businesses, hotels, motels, and more!

Do you accept Cash or Check?

Depending on the circumstances, we do. For this option, please email or call us to arrange the pick up and ongoing payments.

Do I have to be home when you pick up or deliver my items?

We can pick up or deliver from you, your doorman or even leave items in a designated area on your property (most common), but arrangements must be made in advance.