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are dedicated to our work & We purposefully integrate.

On Wheels Laundry has been a market leader in the laundry and dry cleaning industry in Dubai.  We have leveraged technology in recent years to embrace modern cleaning procedures.  We are able to optimise and accelerate our processes by combining our decades of cleaning experience with technology.

We conduct ourselves responsibly at work.
Our dedication to your items from start to finish, as well as our knowledge of textiles and stains, set us apart. Every garment we get is manufactured entirely in-house, with no outsourcing. You can rest assured that we will keep a close eye on quality control throughout the cleaning process.

We are a Dubai-based firm that was motivated by the rapid digitization and convenience-seeking culture that has emerged in recent years. We provide a simple and seamless user experience with the goal of upgrading the current technique, minimising confusion, and ensuring complete client satisfaction.

On Wheels Laundry simply give you a convenient way to schedule laundry services in your area; we also give you world-class customer service throughout the process. We also give you the opportunity to kick back and enjoy the stress-free aspect of it all by reviving a sector that has traditionally suffered from widespread misunderstanding and quasi customer service.