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The Best Ways to Keep Your Clothes Looking New and Fresh

The Best Ways to Keep Your Clothes Looking New and Fresh

04 Nov 2021


Do you recall how excited you were when you received your favourite clothing? Then, after a few months, you're not as enthusiastic to wear them because they don't appear to be as new? One of the difficulties we have when buying new garments is that they begin to seem worn after a short period of time.


Extending the life of your garments is beneficial for a variety of reasons, including saving the environment and money. Did you know that by wearing an article of clothing for just 9 months longer than we do presently, we may minimise its environmental effect by 20-30%? This also means that we are not required to purchase anything new at this time. And that could be extremely beneficial to our financial situation. And, while we can't make clothes last indefinitely, there are a few tips and tactics that can help them endure a little longer.

Unless otherwise specified, wash with cold water.

It's worth noting that washing your clothes in hot water has a number of drawbacks, including causing your garments to fade faster than usual. Hot water is usually used for gardening and camping gear, as well as filthy bedding and other items.

Get a Mesh Laundry Bag

Mesh laundry bags are helpful for safeguarding delicate clothing while they are being washed. Your garments will never be damaged while inside the bag, which is especially important if you are doing bulk laundry with multiple items.

Don't put too much in your washer.

If you overload your washer, there's no way to ensure that each item gets a thorough clean, forcing you to clean them repeatedly. And repeatedly cleaning the same item will not only deplete its colour and stretch its elastic, but it will also cause it to shrink, fade, and maybe fall apart. Isn't that something we don't want right now?

You'll notice the difference if you wash in smaller loads.

Turn your dark garment inside out and wash it.

One of the biggest reasons we don't wear our clothes as long as we should is that the colours fade over time, which isn't always a good look. There are, however, ways to avoid this.

To keep the pigment of your favourite dark items from fading, start by washing them inside out. T-shirts are the same way; turning them inside out prevents the prints from cracking or flaking away.

Allow all this to hang out! Use a line or a rack to dry your items.

After reading this article's washing and dry cleaning instructions, it's crucial to note that how your garments are handled impacts their long-term use. To achieve the greatest results, see a professional dry cleaner if you don't know how to apply some of these dry cleaning suggestions.

In truth, there are several concerns to consider before attempting to dry clean your clothes on your own.

Dry-clean-only clothing necessitate extra attention. Unfortunately, not all fabrics are compatible with DIY dry cleaning kits. You risk damaging the fabric if you dry clean your clothes yourself, causing you to abandon pieces you love. This is a significant risk, thus professional dry cleaning services should be used instead

Fabric Has the Chance to Shrink

You won't have to worry about your clothes shrinking if you pick a dry cleaning delivery service. Professional dry cleaners take extra precautions to keep the cloth in perfect condition.

Make a stain

Even previously unstained textiles can be stained by DIY dry cleaning kits. Some people attempt to complete the process at home, only to discover dark stains on the fabric. Some users were able to remove the new stains, while others were compelled to throw away the items.

You may wind up spending money if you dry clean your clothes at home because you will have to replace items in your closet.

You won't have to worry about this if you choose expert dry cleaning services. During the cleaning process, your local dry cleaner will protect all of your items to avoid rips and tears. When you choose a professional service, you won't have to worry about your clothes tumbling around with other items. You also won't have to worry about your garments being damaged by shoddy equipment.

Using a professional dry cleaning service might help you avoid these problems.