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Dry Cleaning

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Dry Cleaning

Oil stains are tough to get rid of, and water may not be able to completely remove them. Polyester and other synthetic textiles respond nicely to dry cleaning. On Wheels Laundry delivers a comprehensive selection of professional laundry, dry cleaning, and ironing services right to your home. Dry cleaning is one of our delicate processes that we provide with great care. We'll dry clean your suits, leather jackets, and anything else you want handled professionally. Dry cleaning is defined as cleaning without the use of water and with the use of chemical solvents.

Your clothes are thoroughly inspected for stains before they are dry cleaner. Before dry cleaning, stains, especially those on delicate fabrics, must be carefully pre-treated. We use various solvents to clean various garments and treat strains. You have the option of having your dry cleaned clothes folded or hung.

Our main focus is on providing high-quality dry cleaning services. We take extra care of your party outfits, formals, blankets, and drapes, among other things. Our dry cleaning service is quick and convenient, and we deliver right to your house. One of the top dry-cleaning services in Dubai is provided by On Wheels Laundry. We provide the best service delivery for any type of dry-cleaning clothing. We make certain that all labels are meticulously followed, taking into account the significance of each symbol.

Our dry-cleaning services employ special chemicals rather than water to clean your clothes, whereas our laundry service uses high-quality soaps, detergents, and water to clean your clothes. We have the necessary technological expertise to clean and sanitise your items. We recognise that some garment fabrics are fragile and cannot be washed by hand or in a machine. We guarantee that your clothes will be thoroughly cleaned.

On Wheels Laundry is one of Dubai's most well-known dry cleaning services. We have led the dry cleaning market in Dubai because to our illustrious presence and plenty of experience. Our wide customer in Dubai trusts us because of our washing services in Dubai.