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Are you concerned that your garments will get muscled up or that your precious wedding gown will be stained? On Wheels Laundry, Dubai is here to alleviate all of your concerns.

Dry cleaning is a method of cleaning clothes and garments without the use of water, using organic solvents. Hand washing and machine washing with common detergents may cause damage to certain dress materials, garments, and fabrics, necessitating dry cleaning. Apart from dry cleaning, On Wheels Laundry offers a variety of services such as laundry, leather care, darning, and alteration. Laundry services include stain treatment, washing, cleaning, and ironing.

Our laundry services, which include contract laundry, linen leasing, and hospital laundry, serve customers all throughout the Middle East. Our laundry services are cutting-edge, employing cutting-edge laundry technology to provide the best stain removal results possible. All products that require water-based cleaning, even those that are fragile, are suitable for this service. By doing your usual laundry, we can add hours to your day.

Business shirts, ladies gowns, bath towels, and bed linens are just a few of the items we clean. Before cleaning each item of clothing, we physically check it to identify the optimal cleaning procedure. After that, the clothes are properly labelled before being sent to be washed. The laundry service includes both washing and ironing. You can choose whether your newly cleaned clothing are hung or folded.

We take a professional approach to providing the best possible care for your apparel. If you're in a hurry, On Wheels Laundry and dry cleaning services will help you look your best even if you have a last-minute emergency. Upholstery, duvets, pillows, curtains, and bed sheets are also available for cleaning and maintenance.

On Wheels Laundry and Dry Cleaning Services is Dubai's number one dry cleaning service for both residential and commercial customers. We provide low-cost laundry, dry cleaning, dying, and darning services. This is a completely automated facility with cutting-edge machinery and highly trained personnel. We treat your fabrics as if they were celebrities, using the best equipment and chemicals available. Steam pressing technology allows you to add extra finishing to your fabrics. Garments, curtains, carpets, bed sheets, blankets, quilts, comforts, sofa/pillow covers, and other items receive extra attention and expedited delivery. We also provide industrial laundry services to hotels, hospitals, beauty salons, saloons, and spas, among other businesses. Our specialties include on-demand door-to-door service, vertical delivery, express delivery, and wrinkle-free packaging.