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Leather cleaning & polishing

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Leather cleaning & polishing

Leather upholstery is a fantastic work of art that adds a particular touch of refinement to your home's appearance. Although animal hide is extremely durable, it can quickly lose its colour and texture owing to prolonged use. Using leather cleaning solutions without supervision might cause substantial damage to the leather.

Leather upholstery tends to lose both colour and gloss over time! Excessive use of leather can dehydrate it, causing it to dry out and fracture! Leather is a permeable material by nature! As a result of wear and strain, the protective coating on leather sofas wears away, leaving dark blotches and stains! As a result, professional leather dry cleaners are highly advised for frequent repair and maintenance!

Having a leather sofa, chair, or entire set of leather upholstered furniture in your house, automobile, or business adds comfort, style, and sophistication. On Wheels Laundry is one of the few professional leather upholstery cleaning service providers in Dubai that cleans leather upholstery with a specially designed leather cleaning system from the United Arab Emirates.

Over time, leather upholstery, such as sofas and dining chairs, will become dirty and dry. Dirt from our bodies, grease, and food spillage, among other things, can stain the leather, necessitating immediate cleaning treatment to increase the likelihood of thoroughly removing the dirt. Aside from cleaning, leather upholstery requires regular moisturizing because leather can crack over time.

We provide high-quality leather dry cleaning services. On Wheels Laundry is your one-stop shop for your entire leather sofa cleaning, leather chair repair, and restoration needs. With years of experience treating all varieties of leather sofas and other leather-upholstered household furnishings. Our crew is skilled at repairing all types of wear and tear, including damaged, ripped, and faded leather sofas, ensuring that your leather sofa appears brand new once more.

On Wheels Laundry in Dubai provides exceptional leather dry cleaning and polishing services! Our skilled team of technicians will check your furniture and make recommendations for the best treatment! We deep clean the leather to eliminate soil build-up, restore the colour, and recondition it with rehydrating creams. Our treatment restores the original gloss and texture of leather, bringing your lovely leather sofas back to life! With many years of experience in the leather industry, we strive to provide prompt, thoughtful, and knowledgeable administration in the restoration of your prized leather possessions.

To restore and refresh your leather items, we use the best hardware, solvents, and materials available, ensuring that they endure longer!!!

Adjust your leather things from the convenience of your own home today!!!