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Do you want to wear freshly pressed shirts to work every day? Or do you have items that are difficult to iron?

True, sometimes simply ironing isn't enough to restore the appearance of the clothes. As a result, a compact solution that can survive the renewal of your branded clothing is required. On Wheels Laundry’s top steam ironing services are considered to be a perfect choice for dealing with the harshest creases in practically all types of materials.

On Wheels Laundry, being a well-known laundry service provider, offers the greatest ironing services to all of its customers. The list of services provided by On Wheels Laundry includes a variety of laundry services, with Steam Ironing being one of the most comprehensive.

Let us handle the laborious task of pressing! Our specialists inspect each item brought in for pressing to determine whether it requires hot pressing or steam pressing. We manually inspect each item after it has been pressed. For pressing services, we have a turnaround time of 3-4 working days.We offer dry cleaning and pressing services for nearly all types of clothes that are dependable, efficient, flexible, environmentally friendly, and economical. In our laundry, the steaming system is distributed to special units that are designed for pressing various items efficiently and effectively, resulting in a very high pressing quality

Our steam ironing services can remove even the most stubborn wrinkles from your clothing and transform it into a completely different item. When your garments have obstinate wrinkles that are difficult to remove with a standard iron, we recommend that you use our steam laundry services. On Wheels Laundry is fully responsible for your clothing. We also have control over the clothing's security and safety. All of your gowns that were made for a certain event or party have been ironed to perfection. The appropriate amount of heat is applied to the fabric. These are the reasons why our clients put their trust in us when they entrust us with their valuables.

On Wheels Laundry offers a full range of laundry services, including cleaning, washing, dry cleaning, and ironing, all under one roof. This service provider meets practically all of the requirements of its loyal customers. Every task carried out at the On Wheels Laundry station is completed by professional hands. Whether it's a casual outfit or your beloved gown, we've got you covered. Our experts are well-trained to handle your prized possessions with the utmost care.

We collaborate closely with the organisation to develop an efficient operation model that ensures that all of your garment care needs are met by a team of experts from On Wheels Laundry. You are collectively assisting in the conservation of water and other natural resources such as power and detergents through this method. We use technology to create a seamless end-to-end workflow that ensures quality and speed.